Win a BikeGlow™ Safety Light for you and a friend, in your choice of colour and be seen on your bicycle.

The light 3m light tubes run on 2 x AA batteries and weighs under 55 grams (without batteries). The light tube attaches to your bicycle frame with included attachment strips. "It's like magic cycling protection from cars!"

The BikeGlow™ safety light was the brainstorm of cycling enthusiasts in the bicycling mecca of Santa Cruz, CA. They saw the need for bikes to be lit up, especially from the side, during darker hours. The world needs bikes lit up at night!

The original BikeGlow™ light hit the shelves in the US in 2008, rapidly becoming recognised by many as an indispensable safety product, and soon was featured on State and National news. Today, the light is available in eight colours, with options for either strobe or steady light.

At BikeGlow™, we are dedicated to helping people be safer on their bikes, thus saving the planet! BikeGlow™ is committed to putting the safety light into the hands of every cyclist that wants to be safer on the road… and look good at the same time. Very popular in California, and, hopefully, our summer of cycling will be as great as theirs. Give yourself a reason to ride longer on those balmy nights!