Cambridge Raincoat Company


The Cambridge Raincoat Company Ltd was established in July 2010 by Sally Guyer, who has cycled in and out of Cambridge for over 17 years and first found independence on a bicycle when she was seven years old.

Sally says “I wanted a raincoat that was long enough to keep my knees dry on my upright hybrid bike, to look "attractively normal" so that when I get off my bike I don't look like a cyclist. The fabric is hi-tech micro fibre which is lightweight, breathable and windproof as well as being highly water-resistant. The coats, currently designed by a Savile Row trained tailor, are washable and are made in England.”

Prototypes for the men's coats can be seen on the Cambridge Raincoat Company website and Facebook page.

With a polka dot pattern lining and delicious co-ordinating colours, unique decorative reflective features, the raincoat is washable, made in England and the brand is synonymous with quality all over the world. Preference regarding size and colour are subject to availability.