• Phillip_darnton

    Spacer Summer of Cycling is the brainchild of the Bicycle Association who want to see thousands of ‘maybe’ cyclists getting on a bike again in 2012, if not now when. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My “+ 1 pledge” will be Pat.

    Phillip Darnton

    Executive Director - Bicycle Association

  • Mick_bennett

    Spacer The Summer of Cycling is a fantastic initiative and one which I am delighted to endorse and support. I am thrilled that the Summer of Cycling is there to assist us in supporting and encouraging people to get on their bikes and enjoy cycling, not only as a sport but as a lifestyle. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My +1 is my wife Gill, who is taking an active interest in cycling now and is now very keen to keep me company on my rides.

    Mick Bennett

    Race Director of The Tour of Britain

    World Champion and twice Olympic medallist

  • Atoc_logo

    Spacer ATOC are supporting summer of cycling because we see the cycle as the natural, sustainable and healthy accompaniment to provide door to door transport as part of rail journey. That is why we are implementing significant improvements to cycle-rail infrastructure, thousands of new cycle parking spaces will be created this year and hundreds of hire bikes at stations across the rail network. We are supporting the Summer of Cycling, so why not try out the new facilities and bring another Saddle Shy Friend to the train station. Spacer

    Who's your +1?

    This year I am going to introduce my four year old daughter to an old friend: the bike.

    Conrad Haigh

    Integrated Transport Manager, Association of Train Operating Companies

  • Andrew_saunders

    Spacer We're supporting the "Summer of Cycling" because it’s a great way to encourage people to get fit while having fun. And they get to see their hometown from a different perspective. Spacer

    Who's your +1?

    My colleague, Kelvin Priddle. He's needs a push to stop driving the 3 miles to work. It'll help his fitness - and save the petrol money.

    Andrew Saunders

    Integrated Transport & Partnerships Manager, First Great Western

    First Great Western is sponsoring the Summer of Cycling Campaign

  • Ben_hillsdon

    Spacer With 125 years of making and riding bikes, we like to think we know a thing or two about the joys of cycling! Free-wheeling down a hill, the breeze in your hair. Nipping past city centre traffic jams or effortlessly cruising along country lanes, what could be better?! Raleigh is a big supporter of the Summer of Cycling and the drive to get the UK back in the saddle. Spacer

    Who's your +1?

    My +1 is my wife Helen. She has a beautiful Raleigh that’s spent far too long in the garage. This summer I’m pledging that we’ll make more joint trips together to explore the canal paths of Nottingham.

    Ben Hillsdon

    Marketing Manager, Raleigh UK Ltd

  • Mark_bickerton

    Spacer I support the Summer of Cycling because I believe that by using a bike, "it is all of the following things: healthy, efficient, social, quick, clean, green and above all fun.Getting more people involved with events through the Summer of Cycling, will mean that more people will appreciate all these benefits" Spacer

    Who's your +1?

    I nominate my daughter Georgia, as my +1 pledge, who has a bike in the garage somewhere, but I think she has forgotten about it.

    Mark Bickerton

    Managing Director, Cyclemotion Ltd, President of the Bicycle Association of GB.

  • Martin_lucas_smith

    Spacer It's a great opportunity to encourage someone you know to get on their bike! Spacer

    Who's your +1?

    I'm doing my hardest to find a +1 - which is hard in Cambridge where everyone I know cycles!

    Martin Lucas-Smith

    CycleStreets Developer - For Cyclists, By Cyclists.

  • Carlton_reid

    Spacer Cyclists love cycling and will relish the opportunity to have an 'official' reason to get others on bikes, too. The +1 concept is bike-badgering for all the right reasons and if the Summer of Cycling gets lots of people to go self-propelled that's good news all round. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    Jude, my wife. She rides a bike for leisure and once in a blue moon for work. I'd like that to change that.

    Carlton Reid

    Executive Editor,


  • Andreas

    Spacer I'm always tallying up the number of friends I'm turning in to cyclists, it's like a weird badge of honour, so I love the idea of encouraging others to do the same. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    Laura - a good friend of mine that I want to see cycling around London on Cycle Hire Bikes!


    The London Cyclist

  • Ashtok_sinha

    Spacer Summer of Cycling is a beautifully simple idea. It instantly turns a ride to a café, the swimming pool or a work engagement into an opportunity to get one more person who doesn’t normally cycle onto a bike. If we all did that for just one, everyday journey, then the number people enjoying the freedom and pleasure of cycling would double in just one summer. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My +1 is Laura Buller, whose company recently assisted LCC with our biggest campaign ever. Helping Laura to start cycling is a great way for me to say thank you.

    Dr. Ashok Sinha

    Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign

  • Steve_garidis

    Spacer What a great idea and so simple! We spend a lot of time giving people the chance to try cycling in places ‘ordinary’ folk can’t normally get on 2 wheels. We’ll definitely be asking them to get a friend on a bike too! Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My Mum!

    Steve Garidis

    Director - Electric Travel CIC

  • Thomas-stokell

    Spacer We're right behind the Summer of Cycling - we are true believers in harnessing the power of passionate cyclists and asking them to join us in showing more people how enjoyable cycling can be. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    I'm going to get my friend James on a bike - I know he'll love the feeling of riding, we just need to get him to experience it.

    Thomas Stokell

    Managing Director - Challenge for Change

  • Stewart_kellett

    Spacer British Cycling is celebrating the nation’s most exciting ever year for cycling. We’ve got thousands of community rides for everyone, and our cycling heroes are taking to the world stage in London. What better time to support a Summer of Cycling and get more people onto bikes in 2012. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    I will be getting my friend Jonathan onto a bike this summer, helping him to rediscover the fun he had when riding bikes as a child.

    Stewart Kellett

    Director, Recreation and Partnerships, British Cycling

  • Isobel_dennis

    Spacer As the nation’s leading exhibition for cycling, we at The Cycle Show are delighted to be supporting the inspired initiative that is The Summer of Cycling. Our sole aim is to put the very best choice of brands in front of our visitors giving them the opportunity to get excited and engaged with cycling across all its disciplines, so we hope to be contributing to the Summer of Cycling’s + 1 by several thousand. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My personal plus one is partly myself, as I need to set an example and get out more, as well as getting my family out too. So I guess that might add up to +4!

    Isobel Dennis

    Director, Upper Street Events

  • James_ryan

    Spacer Eurobike Ltd is more than happy to support the Summer of Cycling campaign. As a UK assembler and future manufacturer of Premium bicycles, we will support any campaign that promotes and helps educate people of the massive benefits of Cycling. The ‘Summer of Cycling’ will be a major event this year and I am sure will feature in the years to come. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My +1 is my brother Ben who after a hand injury hasn't had the inclination to get back out on his bike. I'm looking forward to getting him out and back up into the Derbyshire Dales.

    James Ryan

    Marketing Manager Eurobike UK Ltd

  • Fibrax_logo-2d

    Spacer Fibrax think this is a fantastic campaign to encourage more people to get on out on a bike and appreciate just how much fun and fitness cycling has to offer. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    I have nominated Penny Rutter on the site as our +1.

    Sarah Baines

    Sales & Marketing Manager, Fibrax

  • Tony_piedades

    Spacer We are pleased to be supporting Summer of Cycling - Cycling is a different thing for different people, for some it’s a mode of transport, for others a form of relaxation and exercise, both at the same time. We are at the forefront of getting people out experiencing and enjoying all type of cycling and will be encouraging our members to support the Summer of Cycling to motivate others to take it up. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    I am going to get my fiance Natalie, out on a bike.

    Tony Piedade

    Founder & CEO, CyclingBuddy

  • Stephen_gromwell

    Spacer Fisher Outdoor Leisure support Summer of Cycling as we believe that now is the perfect time to get everyone out on their bikes to enjoy the convenience, health benefits and freedom of cycling. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    Our Designer Ellie is keen to get out on her new bike and enjoy the beautiful countryside in Hertfordshire.

    Stephen Cromwell

    Brand Manager – Bikes, Fisher Outdoor Leisure

  • Daniel_gillborn

    Spacer I am supporting the Summer of Cycling, because working for Cyclescheme we want to see more people cycling to work and make a permanent shift on a bike. The summer of Cycling is an excellent 'Positive Lever' to drive this behaviour change and there is a real feeling of momentum behind this, working with many companies who all have the same goal. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My +1 is my wife, Telsa, who will get back into cycling to her work, we can buddy up for the first part and I will then carry on for the remaining 26 miles (she only has a mile to ride) to my work.

    Daniel Gillborn

    Head of Commercial Operations, Cyclescheme Ltd

  • Gordon_seabright

    Spacer At CTC we’re delighted to support Summer of Cycling – there’s no better way of enjoying the Great British Summer than getting out and about on a bike! Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My +1 will be my wife, Suzi, so we can spend sunny days pedalling around the countryside together.

    Gordon Seabright

    Chief Executive, CTC

  • Nigel_roberts

    Spacer At Trek we believe in bikes. The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness. It brings us together, yet allows us to escape. And it takes us places we would never see any other way. The Summer of Cycling is a simple way of getting more people to experience this for themselves. Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My friend Oz, it’s about time he rode a bike...

    Nigel Roberts

    Managing Director, Trek UK

  • Josie_dew

    Spacer The more cyclists the safer cycling becomes so I'm all for the 'Summer of Cycling'. I'm always trying to woo people onto their trusty steeds as cycling seems the only way forward! Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My latest +1 is Moni - she's the Romanian mum of Joey, a friend of my daughter's so I see her every day at the village primary school. Up until last year she couldn't ride a bike but then she kept seeing me cycling with Molly past all the queues of school traffic so decided to give cycling a whirl. She can now cycle but needs more confidence so my aim is to help her.

    Josie Dew

    Vice President, CTC

  • Simon_ellison

    Spacer Zyro Ltd are supporting Summer of Cycling as a great way of encouraging people to get out on their bikes, in our view, anything that increases the number of cyclists in the UK is a worthy campaign. But remember, cycling should be a way of life, not just for the Summer! Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    My wife Julie, Managing Director here at Zyro, I’m determined to persuade her to join me on her bike for a Saturday morning ride instead of hitting the treadmill at the gym.

    Simon Ellison

    Product Director, Zyro Ltd

  • Russell_merry

    Spacer Cycling Sports Group is supporting The Summer of Cycling because we are keen to get more people riding more bikes more often! Spacer

    Who’s your +1?

    I arrange a Sunday ride almost every week. It’s up from 2 - it keeps growing. I post ride photos on facebook etc and hopefully more will join in.

    Russell Merry

    Joint MD, CSGuk

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